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Kingston Chess Club

Our club is always looking for new players! So if you are looking for a chess club and opportunities to practise, look no further!

For this season (2016-2017) we have a lively programme of events, including:

  • Surrey League
    We play teams from around the county at home or away. We run Kingston teams in the Beaumont Cup (i.e. Second Division) and the Ellam Trophy (i.e. Third Division) as well as the Alexander Cup knock-out competition. Matches take place from the start of October to the end of April.

The default time control is 35 moves in 1 hour 15 minutes. Thereafter the time control is 7 moves per 15 minutes for adjudicating games or 28 moves in 1 hour and then 7 moves per 15 minutes for adjourning games. Quickplay finishes are 30 moves in 1 hour with the rest of the game in 20 minutes. The visiting player shall offer before his first move at least two alternatives of game finish method from adjudication, adjournment or quickplay. The home player shall before his next move select from those offered. Surrey Yearbook

  • Thames Valley League
    We run a Kingston team in the First Division this league which also has a knockout cup. Matches take place in the Thames Valley area from the start of October to early May.

The default time control is 30 moves in 1 hour 15 minutes. Alternatively, the players may agree to a quickplay finish of either the whole game in 1 hour 15 minutes or else 30 moves in 1 hour followed by the rest of the game in 15 minutes. Thames Valley rules

A lift can usually be organised to away matches.

  • Club Nights
    In addition to our match programme we also hold Club Nights open to all members.
    Last season some club nights were quickplays, one being a Kings Gambit Accepted won by new member, Alex Park. Others were used for game analyses and another a ‘Hand and Brain’ tournament. In addition former British Champion GM Stewart Conquest gave a Simultaneous Display.
    tghis season we plan 4 Club Nights.

Visiting the club

We always welcome new players. Check to make sure it is one of the evenings when we are playing at home. We don’t charge anyone who comes along to visit the club until you decide to join. Approach one of our members and they will arrange a friendly game of chess. If you are interested, they will also assess your ability to get into one of our teams. Only club members can play for our teams.

Membership Fees for 2016-17

  • Full annual subscription: £40
    This level is suitable for stronger players and regular match team members.
    There is a discount if you pay your fee by mid-November!
  • Standard annual subscription: £20
    This level only applies to players rated below 130 ECF.
    There is a discount if you pay your fee by mid-November!

The unwaged may also benefit from a 50% discount on the above. Those with special circumstances should contact the Treasurer directly.

Those players who play competitively for Kingston against other teams will receive a grading from the English Chess Federation. The cost of basic ECF membership is £14 per annum and is in addition to the club subscription.

Donations to the club are always welcome.

Club Presidency

President: K.F.H. (“Ken”) Inwood

Honorary Life Vice-President: J.D.M. (“John”) Nunn

Honorary Life Member: Professor Derek Coope


Chris Clegg
Vice-President, Chris Clegg, passed away in January 2015.

Bill Waterton
Honarary Vice-President and President of the Surrey County Chess Association (1990-2000) passed away in January 2015.