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31 October 2017: OH YEAH The London Chess Classic is here again

The Ninth London Chess Classic at the Olympia Conference Centre running from the 1st to the 11th of december is just over thirty days away.
You have got to love the game of chess, its a life long passion where imagination and the little grey cells are key to creating a world inside your head, chess is a combination of puzzles each game creates a new maze of puzzles that gets your a step closer to a better grade (ELO or ECF).
Besides what other game can you play with the same passion whether eight or eighty.

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19 September 2017: FINAL RESULT Chess Ladder Week 10

FINAL RESULT Chess Ladder Standings after games played in Week 10

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13 September 2017: Time is running out the final chess ladder Summer 2017 is fast approaching

Time is running out fast for the last week of the Chess Ladder which is approaching fast.
Join in the Final rung of the summer 2017 Chess Ladder on Monday 18th September 2017 for your chance of Kingston chess glory.

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13 September 2017: Chess Ladder Week 9

Chess Ladder Standings after games played in Week 9

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5 September 2017: Chess Ladder Standings after games played in Week 8

Chess Ladder Standings after games played in Week 8

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3 September 2017: Playing online correspondence chess for Surrey

I am now recruiting players to represent Surrey in the Counties & District Correspondence Chess Championship (C&DCCC) for the 2017/18 season.

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28 August 2017: Chess Ladder Standings after games played in Week 7

Chess Ladder Standings after games played in Week 7

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22 August 2017: Chess Ladder Standings after games played in Week 6

Chess Ladder Standings after games played in Week 6

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20 August 2017:

The audience

Club Chairman John Foley is organising a School Chess Teacher training course for teachers and tutors who want to make chess an exciting and educational experience for children. The course comprises two days of interactive presentations, group discussions and practical exercises. The focus is on the best ways of teaching chess.

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9 August 2017: Chess Ladder Standings after games played in Week 5

Chess Ladder Standings after games played in Week 5

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8 August 2017: Chess Ladder Standings after games played in Week 4

Chess Ladder Standings after games played in Week 4

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7 August 2017: The chess game against Alzheimer's

Vilho and Eine Lifländer

Chess with its black-and-white chequered board and 32 pieces will soon be the only thing that the 94-year-old war veteran Vilho Lifländer can remember from his colourful life.

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1 August 2017: Chess Ladder Standings after games played in Week 3

Chess Ladder Standings after games played in Week 3

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27 July 2017: Latest Kingston ECF Grades

The latest Kingston grades can be found on the Kingston website on the Members tab.

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25 July 2017: Chess Ladder Standings after games played in Week 2

Chess Ladder Standings after games played in Week 2

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21 July 2017: Chess Ladder Standings after games played in week 1

Chess Ladder Standings after games played in week 1

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21 July 2017: Initial Chess Ladder Seedings

Initial Chess Ladder Seedings

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15 July 2017: The Chess Ladder Challege

Social Chess Chess Ladder Challenge Play some of your best games ever

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15 July 2017: Social Chess Monday

A great evening of social chess with a fine turnout more »

29 November 2016: Club Night with Kingston University

Kingston Club Night with Kingston University

Various forms of chess were played – conventional chess, blitz chess, consultation chess, hand and brain, loser’s chess and the pawn and king game. Each person played against several other people throughout the evening.

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9 April 2016:

The Kingston Thames Valley team now has two games left: away to Surbiton A (on 20th April) and home to Wimbledon B (on 25th April).

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13 December 2015: Chess and Recovery

I recently had the opportunity to speak at The London Chess Conference at The Hilton Hotel Olympia.

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7 December 2015:

Former British Champion GM Stuart Conquest gave a simultaneous display on Monday 7th December 2015.

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19 November 2015: Roche turns tide for Kingston

Peter Roche was the Kingston hero on Monday night

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10 November 2015: Foley the Hero

John Foley produced a master class in positional play

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4 November 2015: Mighty Wombles

Mighty Wombles have a Stroll in the Park.

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25 October 2015: The Secret Assassin

KCC are in line to select their very own secret assassin on November 9th

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20 October 2015: Kingston crush Crystal Palace

After the disappointment in the TV League last Thursday Kingston achieved a great result last night, 19th October, as they crushed Crystal Palace 1

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17 October 2015: Kingston mauled by Richmond

On Thursday 15th October in a Thames Valley Division 1 match Kingston were mauled by Richmond,

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13 October 2015: Victorious Stephen Moss collects team trophy

Stephen Moss collects the Centenary Trophy for captaining the Kingston II side to victory in the Surrey third division during the 2014/2015 season.

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11 October 2015: The Guildford Chess Academy

Vitaly Amos has set up a chess academy (near to London Road in Guildford

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7 October 2015: The Chess Clinic


On Monday 5th October KCC convened for a club night at The Druids Head.

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4 October 2015: Smart Thinking

Alan Scrimgour & co’s initiative to relocate Kingston Chess Club at The Druid’s Head in Central Kingston is so far paying off

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28 September 2015: The first rule of Chess Club Night

Alan pairing

… is that you do talk about it. We held our first club night at the Druids Head in the centre of Kingston.

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21 September 2015: Homeward Bound

Kingston Chess Club has moved back to the centre of Kingston for the new season and now meets at The Druids Head.

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21 September 2015: Season Opener

Spirited Uxbridge were defeated by Kingston in the first match of the season.

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17 September 2012:

Quick play evening

The season got off to a competitive start with a 5-minute timed handicap event. This meant that the stronger the player the less time they had to play.

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10 September 2012:

ASDA Roehampton

Kingston Chess Club has moved to ASDA Kingston Vale.

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9 March 2011: Surrey win Southern Counties Championships

Surrey beat Kent at the weekend to win the Southern Counties Chess Championships and lift the Shannon Cup for the first time since 1964. The Open team, led by Graeme Buckley won 5-11 in Dartford. It was the culmination of five years of trying by Graeme who hands over the reins to Owen Phillips.

Graeme Buckley: the winning captain leading from the front more »

27 February 2011: So near but so far

Kingston have completed their matches for this season in the second division of the Surrey League. The final outcome was Played 7 Won 4 Lost 3 which places Kingston in the top half of the league but is not quite good enough to get automatic promotion.

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18 February 2011: Pipped at the post

The match between South Norwood and Kingston was always going to be tough. The final result was 3.5-3.5 with one game for adjudication which is probably lost. The result means that Kingston failed to gain top position in the Second Division and must postpone its hopes of returning the the premier league of Surrey Chess.

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2 February 2011: Kingston on top

Kingston reached the lofty heights of top of division 2 of the Surrey League following back-to-back victories over Wimbledon and Crystal Palace. Such is the tightness of the competition in these leagues, a couple of victories can make the difference between relegation fears and promotion aspirations.

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27 January 2011: Won by a whisker

Sea Lion

Wimbledon 3.5 v Kingston 4.5

It was looking pretty unlikely that Kingston would be able to get a team together for this away match. Six of our first team regulars were unavailable. The scratch team was expecting not even a draw against Wimbledon which has strength in depth. It was therefore a pleasant surprise that Kingston won by a whisker..

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24 January 2011: Pub Chess

Ultimately, chess will return to pubs. This will mean a change in the way chess is played. Perhaps it will become more of a social game.

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24 September 2010: Kingston wins ECF chess website of the year!

Worried monarch

The English Chess Federation has just awarded this website the accolade of Chess Website of the Year.

We tell of the tribulations of a suburban chess club probably not very different from many clubs up and down the country. We also tell of the experiences of the players. Chess is meaningful to us in ways that are rarely discussed in the chess books. Chess as sport, chess as salvation, chess as proving something to oneself. Chess as an addiction dressed as a hobby.

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18 September 2010: Let battle commence

Kingston Chess Club kicks off the season with a home fixture against Staines 2 at the Quaker meeting hall on Monday 20th September 2010. We are a reasonably strong side and should do well this season.

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9 July 2010: Championship Quiz Win

John Foley, chairman of Kingston Chess Club has somehow managed to win the British Championships Quiz 2010. See quiz

His winning score was 14/15. The one that got away was “What year was the English Chess Federation formed? John had answered 1904 based on no less an authority than the Wikipedia page on the English Chess Federation. However, the correct answer is (click the logo on the right to find out)

Stewart Reuben provides an historical explanation.

Places are still available for the various British Championship events.

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24 June 2010: Surrey sacfest

The game between John Foley of Kingston and Stephen Berry of Wimbledon proved to be an attacking sacfest. Stephen, a FIDE Master has been in sparkling form recently. However, there is no undue respect for titles in the Surrey and John was determined to make Stephen play hard for the point.


20 June 2010: Have you a grading double?

Richard Haddrell, the Grading Administrator at the English Chess Federation has been doing a bit of tidying up of gradings. He asked for some assistance with this exercise.

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5 June 2010: World Champion to play in London

The world champion Viswanathan Anand from India will be playing in the second London Chess Classic tournament in December 2010. This is something of a coup for the organisers who have built upon the successful format of the inaugural tournament last December. The tournament comprises four top British players with four of the top players in the world. The British players are the two veteran grandmasters over the last two decades, Nigel Short and Michael Adams and two up-and-coming grandmasters: Luke McShane and David Howell. In addition to the reigning world champion, the world players are the former world champion, Vladimir Kramnik from Russia, the USA champion, Hikaru Nakamura, and the highest graded player in the world, Magnus Carlsen from Norway.

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21 May 2010: Julian Way receives Slater Kennington Cup.

Julan Way was presented with Surrey’s Slater Kennington Cup by Paul Archer at a brief ceremony at Surbiton Chess Club on Wednesday evening. Celebrations were muted given that Julian was engaged in a game in this year’s championship and the other players in the room were concentrating in silence. The cup is surprisingly large; it can barely fit into a plastic shopping bag. Nevertheless after winning his latest game, Julian was last seen venturing onto the public transport system with his silvery load.

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12 May 2010: Anand retains world championship

Viswanathan Anand of India defeated Veselin Topalov of Bulgaria in the final game of their 12 game match to win the world chess championship. Anand never looked in danger of losing his crown and played with consummate aplomb throughout the match even though the players were level going into the final game. In order to win the game and the match, Topalov took an unnecessary risk by allowing the position to be opened up which benefited Anand who had more active pieces.

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26 April 2010: Last game of season: Kingston draw with Richmond and stay in TVL First Division

Thames at Ham

This was the last match of the season for Kingston and we were hoping to win in order to consolidate our position in the Thames Valley first division. However we knew it was not going to be easy against local rivals Richmond. On paper, the Kingston team was one of the strongest fielded this season. We outgraded Richmond on all boards apart from the top board. However, Richmond, led by Gavin Wall played above themselves and managed to secure a draw in a hard-fought match. Six of the eight games were decisive.

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12 April 2010: Match lost on time

Maidenhead v Kingston

Kingston lost another match by a single game last night – this time against Maidenhead in the Thames Valley league. Julian Way won for the second time against Maidenhead this season – he is having an excellent season which should result in a significant rise in his grading next year. Chris Clegg lost on time in the quickplay finish, which is the first time this season for a Kingston player.

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11 April 2010: Kingston successes in the Surrey League

Beaumont Cup 2009/10

Kingston came runners up on tie-break in a bunched finish in the Beaumont Cup in the Surrey League. This is quite an achievement for Kingston who were worried about relegation just three matches before the end of the season. Congratulations to Redhill who earn promotion to the top division.

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8 April 2010: Richmond edge Kingston by default


Kingston only just lost the match against the strong Richmond team. Given the struggle in the match against the Richmond second team earlier in the season, this was an excellent performance. The Kingston bottom board forgot to turn up which was the difference between the teams.

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1 April 2010: Surrey Individual Championship

Your chance to be ground down in an ending by Stephen Berry, be swindled in the middle game by Russell Granat or be crushed by Susan Lalic all at Surbiton Chess Club during May, June and July in the Surrey Individual Championships.

If you wish to enter please contact Paul Archer

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29 March 2010: Kingston top and tails Battersea

Fred Astaire

Battersea played very well to lose by only 5-3 given that they were comprehensively outgraded on each board. Only the top and tail boards produced a result in favour of Kingston with each other board being a hard-fought draw. After the debacle of the Alexander Cup match between these two teams which was affected by a snowstorm, this was a sweet victory for Kingston.

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22 March 2010: Second team shatters Crystal Palace

Kingston second team secured a comfortable 0-5 (one adjourned) victory against Crystal Palace’s third team. Kingston welcomed new member Usman Syed, a student from Pakistan, who won on his first outing.

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18 March 2010: Another splendid late season result.

Another splendid late season result for Kingston beating Wimbledon third team 1-7. Wimbledon did not field a strong team and were fatally weakened by two defaults.

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15 March 2010: Default throws lifeline

Life line

Kingston have been thrown a lifeline in the Surrey 2nd Division by the default of the match by Crystal Palace. This is the first time this season that another team has defaulted a game, let alone a match, against Kingston. Kingston first team are now on 1.5/5 match points which takes us off the bottom position and above Wallington.

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8 March 2010: Second Team wins again

Although the final result appears convincing the match went through a more balanced phase. Stephen Moss won but he appeared lost at one point – although he adamantly denies this. Similarly, Chris Clegg was in considerable trouble until his opponent gave up a piece unsoundly. These two reversals favoured Kingston.

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5 March 2010: Escalated disputes

Mobile phone

The controversy about mobile phones is exacerbated by the emerging technology of phone apps. Whilst we might not expect a clandestine advisor to be at the end of a regular call, it is much more plausible that phone apps could be used to analyse the position. Club players will not tolerate being accompanied to the restroom, as in the World Championships. The consolation is that a lost game may be due to computer assistance. In the Olympics, after a transgression is proved, the results are corrected, perhaps years later. So look on the bright side: the truth will out and you can rewrite your chess highlights to what would have been.

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25 February 2010: Kingston win in silence against Wallington 2

Kingston second team beat Wallington’s second team comfortably in the return match. Earlier in the season Kingston only drew after one player’s mobile phone rang. This time no mobile phones were heard. Unfortunately in the mean time, Kingston lost that player. Who can blame someone who plays the game as a hobby only for a harsh rule to spoil their enjoyment.

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22 February 2010: Surbiton hat trick Kingston

Kingston were heading for their third loss this season to local arch rivals, Surbiton who lead 3.5-1.5. There were only two decisive results in the games played on the night. One game is for adjudication with two games playing on.

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19 February 2010: Blog quadruples visitors

There has been a surge of interest to the Kingston Chess Club website following a favourable mention on the popular blog produced by Streatham and Brixton Chess Club on 15th February. The blog, which has several authors, was the English Chess Federation’s Website of the Year in 2007. It was an innovative use of the blog format to express the activities of a chess club. The surge of interest is modest in absolute terms, but it is appreciated nonetheless by those of us toiling in the engine room beneath the chess board. Welcome to visitors from the USA, Germany, Russia and China.

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15 February 2010: Kingston leads Centenary Division

Dorking Bus Sign

Kingston second team were seeking to avenge their defeat earlier in the season and to put some distance between ourselves and the second ranked team – Dorking. Unfortunately matters got off to a bad start and Kingston were down 0-2 very early after two horrible games. However, Kingston showed its proper mettle and went on to win the rest of the games for a 4-2 victory. This victory over Dorking means that Kingston 2 now has 5.5/7 points and leads the Centenary Division in the Surrey league.

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14 February 2010: Julian Way is Surrey Individual Champion

Julian Way

Julian Way has won the Surrey Individual Championship. He writes:
“ In May 2009 I got a missed call from someone on my mobile. I returned the call hopeful it was the elegant blonde I had been chatting to the previous week in O’Neills in Kingston. However, I got through to Paul Archer from Wimbledon Chess Club inviting me to play in the Slater-Kennington, which is the Surrey Individual Chess Championship. He told me the Surbiton section was one player short and asked if I could play to make up the numbers. I agreed and thus began a nine month odyssey to become Surrey Individual Champion.”

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8 February 2010: Maxwell's silver hammer

Maxwell's silver hammer

Kingston lead Staines 2.5-3.5 on the night with two games adjourned. The expectation is that the match will be drawn. The most exciting game was played on Board 4 by Neil Maxwell against Svjatoslavs Melnikovs. Neil threw everything but the kitchen sink and an undeveloped knight at his opponent for a mating attack. The Kingston players, who were waiting for lifts home, watched the game with mounting satisfaction because Neil had to win to draw the match.

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8 February 2010: Brilliant checkmate by Julian Way

Julian Way

Julian Way played a double knight sacrifice to create a mate-in-six. Although his opponent did have a chance to escape the attack, the right move was difficult to find since it involved the king walking bravely towards the enemy. Beautifully played by Julian.

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2 February 2010: Kingston honourable draw v Ealing

The match was an honourable draw which was an excellent result against Ealing which outgraded Kingston on all boards. Ealing sought revenge for losing earlier in the season but Kingston players put up a spirited fight. On Board 1 Caius Turner won a heavyweight struggle against John Quinn in a classic King’s Indian. The game was distinguished by a neat tactical flourish at the end.

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28 January 2010: Kingston wins away to Richmond B

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25 January 2010: Kingston defeats Maidenhead

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21 January 2010: Illness halves Kingston team

Kingston had a disastrous match against Wallington in the Surrey League following the medical unavailability of four players and the absence of reserves at short notice. Kingston arrived with four boards already defaulted. At least, advance notice had been given to Wallington so that their players did not make a wasted journey. It was no surprise when in the first draw offer from Wallington came early in the proceedings. Kingston had beaten Wallington convincingly in the Alexander Cup earlier in the season and might have expected to triumph again. In the event, the four players who arrived acquitted themselves well and won 1-3 on the top four boards; the formal match result being 5-3.

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18 January 2010: Wimbledon get revenge on Kingston

The Wimbledon first team proved too strong for Kingston, outgrading their opponents on every board. There was no repeat of the result of the first match of the season when Kingston splendidly beat Wimbledon. A welcome improvement at the Trinity Road venue this year is the lighting with new ceiling fittings. So Kingston could not go for a “bad light stopped play” outcome.

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11 January 2010: Kingston draw with Wimbledon II


This was definitely the coldest night at the club in many years. The players sat in the hall dressed in their jackets and, in some cases, hats. Occasionally a player stood against a radiator. Unusually, all the games were resolved in the course of the evening. As noted previously in matches in this cold winter, thought processes seem to slow down.

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11 January 2010: Surrey negative hat trick

Surrey Map

Surrey lost to Essex by the closest possible margin of 8.5-7.5 on Saturday. The Surrey top board was Chris Briscoe in the absence of the captain Graeme Buckley. Chris was up against an on-form Lawrence Trent and lost a rook v 2 knights endgame. Other Kingston chess club interest was from David Rowson on Board 10 who drew against Kevin White and John Foley on Board 14 who won an complex game against Ian Reynolds.

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4 January 2010: Frost slows brains

Kingston 2 beat Crystal Palace 3 by the narrowest of margins 3.5 – 2.5 on a freezing night (-6C is really cold for Kingston) which seemed to slow down the players’ mental abilities. Boards 1 and 5 were flag-drops when the players were still contemplating the middle game. Board 4 was a near-default when the away player arrived late and had too much to do in the limited time available. Board 6 was a piece en-prise. Kingston Board 2 had the upper hand but it would have been too much effort to have sought a decisive outcome. The most entertaining game of the evening was on Board 3 where Nick Grey sacrificed the exchange to create a virtually unstoppable attack. The fluent combination of the white minor pieces led to a particularly attractive mating tableau.

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21 December 2009: Snow storm in an Alexander Cup

Snow chess

On the night, the final score was 4.5 – 3.5 in favour of Battersea. The Kingston team did not feel that this was a fair outcome since the defaulted board 3 was affected by the weather in the same way as the other players whose games were voided. However, voiding the board 3 game would not seem fair to Battersea because that would imply that Kingston win on board count whereas Battersea could have arranged a stronger line-up if it had played a seven-board rather than an eight-board match. Given this conundrum, the matter was referred to the tournament controller, Graeme Buckley, who decided in favour of Battersea. The matter has now been escalated to the Surrey Disputes Committee.

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18 December 2009: Magnus and the Vikings

Viking raiders

Magnus Carlsen from Norway won the London Chess Classic. He could have dominated it more convincingly if he had converted several won positions. Clearly he is a future world champion. His compatriot, the impressive Jon Hammer, also comfortably won the FIDE Open which was run alongside. We have just had a Viking raid – they came, they saw and they conquered. A millennium ago the Vikings brought us hnefatafl, now they bring chess.

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7 December 2009: Kingston break Crystals

Kingston 2 beat Crystal Palace 3 convincingly 5-1 in a cracking encounter.

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8 December 2009: Magnus Carlsen hits town


One of the advantages of being a journalist is that you get into Press Conferences. The opening of the London Chess Classic was a golden opportunity for Stephen Moss to play Magnus Carlsen whilst plying his trade. Magnus Carlsen has just been graded the strongest player in the world. Their difference in grading is that between Mozart and the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band (see article) in the Guardian. Nevertheless Stephen held his own for a dozen moves in the Sicilian Defence. It was magnamimous of Magnus to allow Stephen to play White. There is no need to report the result.

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4 December 2009: London Chess Classic

London Chess Classic

The most significant chess event in England for 25 years. Get on down and support this exciting event. See the great Dane Magnus Carlsen, as well as the the Russian, American and Chinese champions compete with the top British foursome Michael Adams, Nigel Short, Luke McShane and David Howell.

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30 November 2009: Wins and blunders

Wedding anniversary

The greatest blunder was committed by the nameless Kingston player who had to withdraw from the team at short notice having only just realised it was his wedding anniversary! Kingston 2 beat Redhill 3 3-2 with one game adjudicated but favourable to Kingston.

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23 November 2009: TVL: Kingston struggle to keep level with strong Richmond second team

Kingston were level with the Richmond second team after Monday night’s match with one game unfinished. Richmond are a very strong club as reflected in the fact that the top board of their second team is graded 200ECF.

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: 18th November: London League - Athenaeum v Drunken Knights

Nevil Chan paced the room nervously, assessing the situation at each board. As non-playing captain, he showed more restraint than a football manager – neither shouting nor gesticulations were exhibited. But scratch the surface and his stomach was churning. As the games began to finish, Nevil Chan became visibly more relaxed. He even allowed himself a smile as it became clear that the Knights were developing an unassailable lead. He began to compose the wording of his message of commiseration to Simon Williams. He was still wordsmithing the text message in the pub afterwards; not a GSM character was to be wasted. He was clearly savouring his moment of triumph.

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19 November 2009: Dorking beat 2nd team

Dorking did well to beat Kingston 3.5-2.5 since they were outgraded. The top three boards were all drawn. Unfortunately Kingston again had a depleted team as one member had to pull out at the last moment. The Kingston team effort was notable for the sole win by Stephen Moss on Board 5 – whose playing strength has leapt up in the last couple of years.

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16 November 2009: Defaults burst Kingston

PG tips

For those who collect tips on how to play better, this is the PG Tip: pay more attention to your opponent’s last move if you have just returned to the board with a cup of tea.

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14 November 2009: Hnefatafl


The mystery of the Lewis chess men has deepened. According to the latest research by medieval scholars, the pieces may be for playing another game: hnefatafl. This is a game played by the Vikings as they traded their way across Europe.

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10 November 2009: Stunning victory against the odds

Henry V and his troops praying before Agincourt by Joseph Kronheim

Kingston could only afford to drop a half point and in a stirring performance, managed to score 3.5 out of 4 points to secure a magnificant victory, with the youthful James Foley emerging as the hero of the hour.

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9 November 2009: K-Town Krew defeat Staines Massive

Staines massive

Black finally won after a frenetic last two minutes with the customary knocked board, falling pieces, illegal moves, captured king, and failing to notice that the flag had dropped.

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5 November 2009: No fireworks on Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes

An understrength Kingston side were beaten 5-3 by Guildford’s second team last night in the first outing in the Surrey second division aka the Beaumont Cup. The choice of a fixture on Guy Fawkes night was not well received by Kingston players who had family commitments.

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3 November 2009: Former club president bids farewell

Bill Waterton

Bill Waterton is now 80 years of age and no longer plays chess (“cannot play for toffee”). He dislikes travelling in the dark and does not wish to leave his wife on her own. Last evening, Bill walked into the club, as he had done on numerous times before, and simply said: “I have come to say goodbye.”

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29 October 2009: Drunken Knights - the Camelot years

Meeting on the turret stairs

The team was proposed for membership of the London League by Bob Wade, who silenced a detractor making a long speech at the AGM by saying the name wouldn’t matter, and the Drunken Knights would be a worthy addition to the League.

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24 October 2009: Adam Raoof to the rescue

Adam Raoof

Adam Raoof’s energy and commitment have encouraged hundreds of people to continue playing serious chess. He deserves all the support that we can muster.

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21 October 2009: Kingston level with Surbiton in league encounter

Morphic resonance

Chris Briscoe sacrificed his rook to drive Caius Turner’s king across the board. At the same time as this was happening, by a process of morphic resonance, Julian Way was sacrificing his rook to drive Rob Harrison’s king into the centre.

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19 October 2009: Wallington match drawn after mobile loss

Mobile phone

Edgar Ndahiro, playing for Kingston for the first time, was involved in a tense endgame. With all the other games finished, the crowd gathered around Edgar’s table, only for his mobile phone to ring. Under the rules of the league, this counts as an immediate loss.

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15 October 2009: Ton up boys

Unique visitors

This website achieved 100 unique visitors today. The visitor spike is thought to be due to the interest in the site generated from an email sent out to members of the Drunken Knights chess club. In a bout of mutual reputation lubrication, both the Drunken Knights and Kingston Chess Club have raised their profile.

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13 October 2009: Drunken Knights

Drunken Knight

It is the most sociable of all the London clubs as measured by the number of pints consumed before, during and after the game. The club, which has been going for 35 years, is going from strength to strength…

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