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14 August 2017: School teacher training course 14/15 October 2017

The School Chess Teacher training course comprises two days of interactive presentations, group discussions and practical exercises. The focus of the course is on the teaching aspects of chess. The course is suitable for teachers and tutors who want to make chess an exciting and educational experience for children.

The School Chess Teacher Certificate is available to those who complete the course and pass an online test taken at the end of the course. The Certificate is awarded by the European Chess Union (ECU) to recognise that the individual has an adequate level of chess knowledge and is familiar with didactical methods for the classroom.

The course is innovative in content and delivery. This is the first time that the course has been given in the UK. The course is led by IM Jesper Hall who is chair of the Educational Commission of the ECU. John Foley, chairman on Kingston Chess Club, is organising the course.

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